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As the top Vauxhall auto locksmith in Leicester we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help take care of some of the most problematic lock related issues you face.

We can take care of such issues as lost or broken keys, replacement keys and getting yourself locked out of your car. To effectively do our job, we have invested in the latest technology and training to ensure we provide only the best possible service.

Lost Your Vauxhall Car Keys in Leicester?

It is one of the most common problems we come across every day. So, if you have lost your car keys, you can rest assured we not only have the best Vauxhall auto locksmiths in Leicester, but that we also have all the necessary programming tools and key cutting equipment to make you a new key on location.

When you call us, our locksmith will come to you and begin by extracting data from the car’s ECU. They will then cut you a new key and use programming tools to program the data into the new key. The last step is to delete the old key from the car’s memory to ensure it can never again be used to unlock the car.

Locked Out of Your Vauxhall in Leicester?

While most people will simply break the car window when they find themselves locked out of their car, this strategy is one that will cost you a lot of money in repair costs in the near future.

Instead of damaging your car, call us and one of our Vauxhall auto locksmith will come to your location with the latest in lock-picking equipment to let you back into your car without damaging the car in any way.

Need Replacement Vauxhall Car Keys in Leicester?

Do you need an extra set of keys for your car? Or do you want to replace the key with another more modern version? In this case, we can also be very helpful. We can easily duplicate the standard car keys but we will also be able to upgrade your standard key to the more efficient remote key.

And, all this can be done on location as our locksmiths are willing to come to your home or office.

Broken Vauxhall Car keys in Leicester?

It is not uncommon for car keys to break while you’re trying to unlock the car. In fact, many times the key will get stuck in the lock barrel, a situation that can be very problematic.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you just need to give us a call and our Vauxhall auto locksmiths in Leicester will easily remove the key from the broken barrel and then use special tools to cut you a new key. If the broken key is a remote key, we also have the necessary tools to diagnose the problem on site and either repair the key or replace it.

A bit about Vauxhall

Vauxhall is best known as the UK’s oldest car brand having been established in 1903. It is also the first car manufacturer to produce the world firs race cars. In the war years, the company provided support to the British military and therefore did not produce any new models.

Its success in the Motorsport World is what makes Vauxhall a household name. That and the fact that it may have been the first manufacturer to produce SUVs, long before the term even existed.

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