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Locksmith Leicester

Looking for a locksmith in Leicester or the wider Leicestershire area? Inta-Lock Locksmith Leicester is a well established local locksmith company that has been serving the residents of Leicestershire for many years. We are a local, professional locksmith company that has years of experience in the locksmith and security industry.

On call 24 hours a day, ready to assist with lock outs or any lock problems you may be experiencing, our Locksmith Leicester pride themselves on the quality of work undertaken, fast response times and courteous staff.

Working across Leicester and the Leicestershire area, we have helped thousands of customers with their lock issues in Leicester as well as other local towns including:

– Loughborough
– Melton Mowbray
– Coalville
– Wigston Magna
– Hinckley
– Market Harborough

We are market leaders in the security industry and are proud to provide a service to our customers that is second to none. Our locksmith Leicester will be with you within one hour of you making the call to us and have fully stocked vans to be able to carry out a multitude of jobs without requiring a return visit.

If you need the help of a locksmith in Leicester then there is no better choice than Inta-Lock locksmith Leicester. Locally based and using locksmiths from Leicester and the surrounding area, we are a real local business who are at the heart of the community. Fully qualified and highly experienced, there is simply no better or choice of locksmith in Leicester. Whenever you need us and wherever you are in or around the Leicester area, we are here 24 hours a day to be at your service.

Why Choose Our Leicester Locksmith Services?

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

Our locksmiths in Leicester are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We work with a wide variety of customers at all times of the day and night who may have found themselves in a wide variety of situations that require our specialist locksmith services. Leicester homeowners, tenants, landlords and business owners can rest assured that whatever time of the day or night that you call, we’ll have a highly experienced, qualified locksmith with you quickly. Scenarios include:

– Locked out of the house
– Locked out a car
– Post burglary lock change
– Securing a property following eviction
– Lost keys

All Types of Locks Opened, Supplied and Fitted.

Locked out in Leicester

You’ll find that some locksmiths in Leicester are only able to work on particular types of locks. That is not the case with Inta-Lock. Every one of our Leicester based locksmiths is able to work on the full range of locks thanks to their extensive training and vast experience. We’ve got all the tools and techniques necessary to open, supply and fit any lock which means you can rest assured that when you call us, we have the solution to your problem. Examples of the types of locks we can help you with include:

– Mortice locks – (BS3621) insurance standard – These types of locks are deadbolt locked and unlocked by a key. They are often recommended by insurance companies.

– Multipoint locking systems – These types of locks bolt the door into its frame at the turn of a key. They offer a very high level of security and are very popular in homes across the UK.

– Euro cylinders – (for upvc doors) (we also offer high security anti snap Euro cylinders and 3 star TS007 Euro cylinders).

– Rim cylinders – (also known as Yale cylinders) – These are where the cylinder that is inside the lock is linked to the keyhole on the door outside. This allows homeowners to lock their doors in a more secure way from the inside.

– Digital locks – (both mechanical and electrical)

– Extra security – (eg. Mortice bolts, door chains, window locks, sash jammers, etc)

Non Destructive Entry Specialist

Lock changes in Leicester

We’re not just experienced in working with all types of locks, we do so in a way that is non-destructive. That means we will always work at opening or installing your lock in the most non-destructive way possible, ensuring that not only is the work that we do is study, but that you do not face extra repair costs. All of this is offered 24 hours a day across Leicester and for both commercial and domestic customers and something that we find our customers are very grateful for!.

Rapid Response Locksmith Leicester

Failed uPVC locks in Leicester

When you call Inta-Lock, whatever time of the day or night, we’ll have an experienced locksmith with you quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our rapid response to all of our customers so whether it’s a simple lock change or something more complex, you can rest assured that our locksmith Leicester will be with you to provide a complete solution to your problems or issues.

Free Quotations

Lock upgrades in Leicester

Some people are afraid to call a locksmith because they think that there are going to be charged even for a quote. This could not be further from the truth. We offer COMPLETELY FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes on all of our services. So from simple door entry services to large commercial lock changes, don’t be afraid to give us a call and talk to our friendly advisors who will be delighted to talk to you about your issues, give you advice as well as a very competitive and completely free-of-charge quote that is without obligation.

Reliable and Affordable Leicester Locksmith You Can Trust

Leicester Locksmith

All of our locksmiths have been fully checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service which was formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau. This means that you can rest assured that you are being dealt with by people with no criminal record and who have your security as their priority.

This peace of mind is essential when you are dealing with the safety of your home or business

Competitive Pricing

Emergency Locksmith Leicester

Think that our Leicester locksmith services might be beyond your budget? Think again! Thanks to the fact that Inta-Lock is a very well run company that keeps its overheads to a minimum, we’re able to offer the most affordable and cheapest Leicester locksmith services. This is all done at the same time as never compromising on quality or customer service. When you call us to use our services, you can guarantee that you will get a highly experienced, qualified and friendly locksmith to help you whatever the problem. Our locksmith services are high quality and cost effective.

Car Locksmith Services Leicester

Car Locksmith LeicesterIf you have found yourself locked out of your car in Leicester or you have lost your car key and cannot gain entry to your car, here at Inta-Lock we offer a wide range of car and auto locksmith services.


This includes:

– Gaining entry to your car
– Repairing locks
– Replacing locks
– Cutting keys

Whatever type of car you have and whatever model, our experienced car locksmiths will be able to help you wherever you are in the Leicester or Leicestershire area.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Here at Inta-Lock, Leicester’s premier locksmiths, we offer maintenance and servicing contracts for all security products for our commercial customers. With one of these contracts, we will visit your business once a year to service all of your locks on the premises and ensure that they are working correctly and as they should. We will also repair any that are in need of work. This service can potentially save you money as you may find that your insurance premiums lower by improving your lock security and having them faulty serviced and repaired.

Trustworthy, Transparent and Straightforward

We are a long established, highly respected locksmith company in Leicester. When you use our service, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of experts. We’re here to provide you with the best possible service for the best possible price. Our long list of customers are all impressed with our honesty and transparency, as well as our high quality services that we offer at the very best prices. You deserve the very best locksmith services and that is what everyone of our locksmiths in Leicester provide.

Inta-Lock Locksmiths: Proud To Be Serving the Leicester and Leicestershire Area

Inta-lock locksmith Leicester is a real local company serving the local people of Leicester and surrounding areas. Being a local and independent locksmith means we strive for excellence at every opportunity. We take our reputation seriously and strive to deliver the best service at every job, from people needing to gain entry to their houses after losing their keys to customers that would like to upgrade their locks improve their home’s or business’s security. We even offer free no obligation security surveys to our customers to show them how they may improve their security for their homes or business premises. Need a locksmith in Leicester or Leicestershire? We cover the entire area including:

-Broughton Astley
-Castle Donington
-Dunton Bassett
-Earl Shilton
-Husbands Bosworth
-Market Bosworth
-Market Harborough
-Melton Mowbray
-Newbold Verdon
-North Kilworth
-South Kilworth
-Stoney Stanton

Being a 24 hour company means that we are always on standby ready to take you call, when calling us we guarantee that your call will be answered no matter what the time day or night and that we will be with you as soon as possible. Our customer’s security is our top priority. When you call you can rest assured that there is absolutely no hard sell. You will be speaking to a real local locksmith with the knowledge and experience to help you and provide you with a professional service that is supplied to you at an affordable price.

If you find yourself locked out of your home or work premises, require a replacement key, new locks or a complete lock set change then Inta-lock Locksmith Leicester are on hand to assist 24/7. Call 0116 4422084 to speak to a professional, friendly locksmith.

Locked Out Of Your House?

This is most probably the most common problem we come across on a daily basis, Have you lost your keys whilst out at work or shopping? Maybe you’ve lost them whilst on a night out with friends? You may have left their keys inside your house and the door has locked behind you. You may even still have your keys but a problem with their lock is stopping them getting into their property. Whatever the problem that you have and whatever time of the day or the night, we use the latest technology and locksmith tools in the industry together with years of knowledge of different locking systems to be able to gain entry to your property both quickly and cleanly, without harming your door or any other part of your property. If you’re locked out of your house or business now and need a locksmith fast, call us and we’ll be with you quickly to help get you back in!

Need Your Lock Changing?

Another common type of work that our Leicester locksmiths carry out on a daily basis is lock changes. This can be for various reasons ranging from keys being lost to the unfortunate event of a breakup. No matter what the reason for requiring a lock change in Leicester, our locksmiths have fully stocked vans with the best quality locks available. You can have your locks changed with minimal disruption and where needed can be carried out with the utmost discretion at any time of the day or night. All for a fantastic price and carried out quickly and conveniently.

Problems With uPVC Locks?

Do you have uPVC doors? Most people have these sort of doors in at least one part of their property and it is for good reason. uPVC doors are very secure providing that the locking mechanism is working correctly. Unfortunately however, sometimes problems do occur. Inta Lock Locksmiths Leicester have helped many customers that have problems with their uPVC doors because of failed mechanisms and/or outside temperature fluctuations causing movement in the doors. Our experienced locksmiths come across these issues all the time and have the knowledge and specialist tools to overcome these problems allowing us to get your uPVC door working correctly again.

Our fully stocked vans mean that on the majority of occasions the repairs can be carried out upon the first visit. However due to the vast amount of brands, models, fittings now available it would be impossible to carry every single part with us. If you do have a multi-point mechanism that we don’t have in stock at that time we will order the part from our specialist security suppliers delivered within 24 hours and secure your door temporarily in the meantime. Regardless, we will ensure that you property is secured and that you have a working uPVC door and lock quickly and efficiently.

Need Your Lock Upgrading?

This type of work is becoming ever more common as the insurance companies get stricter and the rise of lock snapping by burglars gets higher. Insurance companies these days will stipulate in your insurance policy that any wooden doors connecting outside to inside must have a 5 lever British standard mortice lock on them. The easiest way to check this on your own door is to look at the faceplate of the lock on the edge of the door and if it shows the most current version “5 lever British standard 2007” then you are up to date. Another way to check is to measure how far the bolt of the lock protrudes from the lock when in the locked position, anything less that 20mm would suggest that the lock is not the current British standard and must be upgraded.

uPVC door lock upgrades involved upgrading the cylinder to a high security cylinder that is rated to 3 star TS007 these locks can withstand all types of attacks but are most effective against the lock snapping attack used by criminals to gain entry to your home. Our Leicester locksmiths are experts in finding weaknesses in security so can advise you on the best course of action to take to suite your budget and most importantly security needs. We’re happy to offer you a free survey of your locks as well as independent and unbiased advice as to whether your locks are up-to-date and securing your home or business as well as they should be. If you do require your locks upgraded, we will give you a very competitive quote and should you decide to go ahead, a very experienced, qualified Leicester locksmith will fit your new locks and you can have the peace of mind that these will bring you.

Want To Improve Your Garage Locks?

Outside of your home, your car is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. New cars these days can cost anything from £9000 – £100,000+ and many owners are very proud of their cars and love them almost as if they are members of the family. Yet many people store their car away in a garage that has only the most basic of locks that could easily be beaten by the most average of thieves. If your car is stolen, not only do you lose your pride and joy, you can also see a sharp rise in your car insurance which can have severe financial consequences for you and your family. Furthermore, if your garage is attached to your house and has a door into it, your garage door could be an easy way into your house for a burglar.

We are now working with more and more homeowners who are now realising that they really need to increase the security of their garage. With car crime rife in Leicester and the wider Leicestershire area, upgrading your garage lock is a simple, cheap and easy way to increase the security of not just your car and garage, but in many instances your home and family too.

Looking To Improve Your Shed Security?

Like garages, sheds are often overlooked when it comes to home security. Out of sight, out of mind is often the case but this means there are big opportunities for burglars. More and more homeowners are becoming aware of just how much they store in their shed and just how vulnerable it is, sometimes just a small padlock locking it. Do you have any of the following in your shed?

– Garden Tools – Lawnmowers, strimmers, leaf blowers
– Garden Furniture – Patio table and chairs, benches
– Power Tools – Drills, lathes, nail guns
– Children’s Toys – Slides, swings, trampolines,
– Bikes – Children’s bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, exercise bikes
– Hobby Equipment – Metal detectors, binoculars, telescopes
– Collections – Coin collections, stamp collections

You could have thousands of pounds of equipment sitting in your garden in your shed, easy prey for burglars. We are helping more and more people in Leicester secure their sheds from thieves by installing proper locks that will help keep all of your items safe and secure.

Want A Home Safe Installing? Use Our Leicester Safe Services

Do you want a safe installing, moving or repairing in your home? MOre and more people are taking this option up in Leicester as they try to keep their goods, cash and data secure. However, getting a safe and installing is something that you need to look into properly with the help of a professional as it is crucial that you get:

– The correct safe for your type of property
– Correct installation of your safe

There are many different types of safes that are popular and suitable for use in your home:

– Floor Safes
– Key Safes
– Key Safe Boxes
– Safety Deposit Boxes
– Key and Gun Cabinets
– Fireproof Safes
– Hidden Wall Safes

Our experienced Leicester locksmiths are able to help you with all of these types of safes as part of our Leicester safe services.

Do You Want A Home Alarm System Installing?

It’s not just locks that we can help you with. We can help you secure your property against intruders by installing a home alarm system too. Burglar alarms, also known as home security alarms are an important line of defence in the fight against burglars. Whatever sort of property you want to protect, installing a good quality home alarm system will help to ensure that you and your family are safe from theft.

Our experienced Leicester locksmith and security engineers can help you wherever you are in Leicester or the wider Leicestershire area and are happy to advise you getting the right sort of alarm for your needs, requirements and budget.

Our Commercial Leicester Locksmith

Here at Inta-Lock in Leicester, we don’t just offer Leicester domestic locksmith services. We offer commercial locksmith services in Leicester and Leicestershire too. Our specialist team of commercial locksmiths are ready and waiting too to help with all of your commercial lock needs. So wherever you are in the East Midlands area, just get in touch and we’ll give you a free, no obligation quote.

24 Hour Commercial Emergency Locksmith Services In Leicester

We are here to help you and your business 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Whether your business needs its locks changing, your business needs securing or whether you need our commercial locksmith services for anything else then we’re here to help.

We have qualified and highly experienced locksmiths available on-call throughout the night and day to ensure that we can help you with whatever your lock needs are. With free, no obligation quotes and a straightforward, transparent and friendly way of working, we have excellent relationships with businesses and business owners across Leicester and the East Midlands.

Cash Box Opening

Lost the key to your cashbox? Maybe the lock needs changing or repairing. Whatever the case, if your business does not have access to its cash box then it can seriously hamper how your business is run. Our commercial Leicester locksmiths can help you quickly and easily and all for a very cost-effective fee. Simply give us a call and we can have a locksmith with you in no time and have your business up and running again.

Safe Supply and Installation

Keeping your money safe and secure is essential for business which means getting the right safe is essential, as is getting it installed correctly. Whether you are looking to protect cash, important documents, data or other valuable items, our experienced Leicester locksmiths are here to help you with all of your commercial safe needs. We can help you with all types of safes and are willing to give you free and unbiased advice to ensure that you get the right safe for you. These include:

– Deposit or drop safes – These are especially popular in the restaurant and retail sectors. There is a standard door on the front of the safe with a lock to ensure only authorized individuals are allowed to access items in the safe.

– Fire rated safes – As the name suggests, these are safes that are designed to protect their contents in the event of a fire.

– Office / retail safes – These may be bolted to the floor or maybe freestanding and are usually fire resistant (especially if they are being used to store confidential documents). They are constructed of steel and are very heavy.

– Data safes – These are designed to store data. Data stored on any kind of electronic device can be quite vulnerable to atmospheric conditions and these types of safe are designed to protect data from things such as high temperatures, smoke damage as well as from theft. Data that can be protected in such safes include:

– USB/Flash drives
– Hard drives
– DVDs
– CD

– In floor safes – These are safes that are designed to be concealed by being placed in the floor of your commercial premises. The idea behind these sorts of safe is that you can’t rob a safe if you cannot see it.

If you need help with a safe at your business get in touch today to get a free, no obligation quote.

How to Choose a Locksmith in Leicester

More and more people are becoming aware of home and business security and it is no surprise when you see the amounts of chrome that are reported in Leicester and the wider East Midlands.

You’ll no doubt be aware that there are lots of locksmiths in Leicester offering their services but sadly not all of these services are as good as they could be or even in the local area. Unfortunately, the locksmith industry is completely unregulated which means that anyone can call themselves a locksmith regardless of how much or how little training they have. There are also lots of companies offering locksmith services in Leicester that are based miles away and charge a fortune to send locksmith to you. It’s unfortunate that there are lots of locksmiths in the area that are not trading illegally, are not qualified and do not have full DBS (CRB) checks. We think that these are essential which is why all of our locksmiths are qualified, experienced and have fully passed their DBS (CRB) checks.

As a reputable locksmith Leicester with thousands of satisfied clients across the city and the East Midlands, we pride ourselves on high levels of knowledge, experience, and value for money; great customer services, convenience and workmanship. We recommend that you look ask five key questions when choosing a locksmith in Leicester.

Are You Certified And Have Full DBS Checks?

When it comes to choosing a locksmith in Leicester, knowledge, reliability, experience and ability are important. It is for this reason that your locksmith must be qualified. Unfortunately, the world locksmith is not a protected term which means anyone can call themselves a locksmith. If in doubt, as to see your locksmith’s qualifications. A proper qualified locksmith will have no problems with having to produce this for you. You can then be sure you have a professional looking at your needs.

It’s also crucial that your locksmith has fully passed their DBS check. DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and is the new name for CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks. If you use a locksmith (or someone pretending to be one) that does not have this clearance, you could be letting a criminal into your home or business.

What Are Your Costs?

We understand that in the current economic climate, cost is a big consideration for lots of our customers. It’s why we try and offer the best price for the job without compromising on our professional service or quality of work. However, it’s important that you understand just how locksmith prices work and how sometimes the cheapest is not always best (and how sometimes you can even end up paying more!)

There are unfortunately several ways in which some less reputable locksmiths secure jobs.

– A low quote that is not a fixed price and gradually increases as the job goes along.

– Carrying out work that doesn’t need to be done: This is a common tactic where the locksmith in question may use unnecessary drilling in a bid to portray more work was needed to be done than actually necessary.

– Charging vulnerable people extremely high prices for work

We’ve always worked in a very upfront and transparent way so you will know exactly how much you will be paying for the work we do.

When Do You Work?

The moment you contact a locksmith in Leicester, they should be in a position to get to you quickly, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Unfortunately, despite what some may say, not all locksmiths work 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We do and it is something that our customers across the county are very grateful for.

Where Are You Based? Are You Based In Leicester?

This is a massive factor to consider and one that you really need to consider when choosing your Locksmith Leicester. If you are looking on Google, you should be aware that some of the results you will see are not actually Leicester locksmiths and are based out of the area which could mean you paying extra to cover their travel, as well as waiting longer for them to get to you. We are genuinely based in the Leicester area and that means we can be with you quicker and charge you less because of the significantly decreased travel costs.

Do You Have Customer Recommendations?

If a company is not able to give customer recommendations or reviews when requested then alarm bells should begin to ring. We’ve been working as locksmiths in Leicester and the surrounding areas for many years and have many satisfied customers from all areas and across all types of jobs both domestic and commercial. We are happy to supply references and recommendations on request.

Inta-Lock: The Reliable and Affordable Leicester Locksmith You Can Trust

Inta-lock locksmith Leicester is a company that you can rely upon to get the job done correctly the first time round, so much so that we are trusted by the Leicestershire POLICE and other POLICE forces to carry out work on their behalf, we are often recommended by these police forces to private customers. One reason so many people use our services is the reputation we have built up over the years as a company that is not just reliable in carrying out the work but trustworthy and affordable for everyone.

Want To Know More About Our Locksmith Leicester Services?

Would you like to find out more about our locksmith services in Leicester? Give us a call today to speak to one of our friendly Leicester locksmiths who will be able to answer all of your questions.

Daily requirements such as lock repairs, replacements, key cutting and much more is easy to book in for and thanks to our location in Leicester, if you find yourself needing our services at any time of the day or night we are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Call Inta-Lock, the premier locksmith Leicester service now for all of your domestic and commercial key, lock and security related enquiries.

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