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Mileage Correction Service Leicester

If you need to correct the mileage on your vehicle, Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths in Leicester can help – Call us now on 0116 442 2084

We know there are various legitimate reasons for needing to have the mileage on your vehicle corrected. Our friendly team can discuss the options available to you and how we can help – call or email us today.

With our auto locksmith Leicester being fully insured, and trained to the highest standard on all makes and models of vehicles you can be rely on them to have you back on the road in no time.


Basically, mileage correction is where the mileage of a vehicle – shown in a clock on the dashboard – is changed. Some of the various legitimate reasons for requiring this are listed below. Please be aware that Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths will NOT undertake any work where we suspect the customer seeks to change the mileage of the vehicle for fraudulent reasons. Before any work commences, we need proof of the genuine mileage from the service history, as well as proof of ownership, such as from the v5 document. In addition, we ask for a form of photo ID, such as a passport or driving licence. We ask for these checks to protect Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths and our customers.


New Clock set installation

Occasionally, clock sets can break beyond repair and therefore a new set of clocks have to be installed on the vehicle. These new clocks of course need programming and Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths can input the accurate mileage as the original clock showed.

Clock has been reset of eprom data corrupted

Vehicle clocks have a memory chip – known as the eprom chip – which can, on rare occasions, be corrupted or lost entirely, which results in the data not displaying on the dashboard. Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths have the equipment to repair the clock set so that it displays on the dashboard again and reinput the exact mileage back into its memory.

Second hand clock set installed

If a second-hand clock has been installed in a vehicle that shows an incorrect mileage, Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths in Leicester can access the data thanks to our state-of-the-art locksmith tools and software and change it to show the vehicle’s correct mileage. Again, please be aware that we will ask for proof of ownership and of the mileage of the vehicle – the service history should show that, if it is fully up to date.


In short, it is NOT illegal to alter the mileage of a vehicle. It is illegal to alter the amount of miles a vehicle has completed to fraudulently claim it has not done as many miles as it really has to try and boost the sale price. If a vehicle has had mileage correction performed, then the owner has to let a buyer know about this and the reason for it. If this is not done it could result in a criminal prosecution. Again, Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths will not undertake mileage correction services where it is suspected that it is wanted for reasons of fraud.

Before we undertake any mileage correction work, we will need a few things from you:

-The marque and model of the vehicle and the year it was registered

-Proof of ownership, e.g. a v5 document

-Your postcode or location

-Some form of photo ID, such as a driving licence.

If you require mileage correction services call us on … or email … for a no-obligation quote.

We specialise in mileage correction for various manufacturers including:

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