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As the premier Audi auto locksmith in Leicester, we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you fix any lock related issues you may face with your car. Whether you need replacement car keys, or you’ve broken your Audi’s keys, our highly trained auto locksmith will use the latest in diagnostic equipment to fix the problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Lost Your Audi Car Keys in Leicester?

If you have lost your Audi car keys, our Audi auto locksmith in Leicester will come to your location with state of the art programming and key cutting tools to cut you a replacement key on site. We use our specialized equipment to extract the old key’s data from the car’s ECU and program it into the transponder chip of the new key. We go a step further to delete the old key from the car’s memory to prevent anyone from using the old key to unlock the car.

Locked Out of Your Audi in Leicester?

If you’ve locked yourself out of an Audi, there is no need to resort to drastic measures like breaking the car window. Instead, call us and one of our licensed Audi auto locksmiths in Leicester will help you easily unlock the car. We come with the latest in specialist lock-picking tools for your Audi to ensure that you gain access to your vehicle as soon as possible and without the added cost of having to pay for a replacement window.

Need Replacement Audi Car Keys in Leicester?

Do you need a replacement set of keys for your Audi? Or would you like to have a spare key for your car? In this instance, our Audi auto locksmiths in Leicester can also help. We have the necessary equipment to duplicate or even upgrade your car keys for you. For example, if your Audi has a more traditional lock system with a traditional key, we can easily upgrade that key for you to the remote version.

Broken Audi Car keys in Leicester?

Did your Audi’s key snap off inside the lock as you were trying to unlock the car? It is very easy to panic in this situation unless you know that we can help. When this happens, rather than wrestle with alternative ways to access your car, call us and we will easily remove the broken key from the barrel, cut you a new key and use our state of the art programming tools to program the new key to the lock. If the key you’ve broken is a remote key, we also have the necessary equipment and tools to diagnose the problem and either repair the remote key or create a new one.

A bit about Audi

Audi, one of the top car brands in the word was established in 1885 in the Ehrenfeld district of Cologne in Germany. At the time, and all the way to 1902, the company was known as “August Horch and Cie” and it was only after a copyright infringement law suit did the company change its name to Audiwerke GmBH or Audi for short.

In 1910, the Audi Type A hit the market, becoming one of the most popular cars of that decade. Throughout the decades, Audi slowly positioned itself as one of the top car brands in the world, a position it holds to date.

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