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As the top auto locksmith in Oadby, we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any lock related issues you may have with your truck, car or bike. Our Oadby auto locksmiths are highly skilled to fix any problems with your lock and will use the most advanced locksmith and diagnostic equipment to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.

Whether you have been locked out of the car, have broken your keys, need replacement keys or lost your car keys, we can help. Our fully insured and very experienced locksmiths are trained in the highest standards to ensure that they can fix lock related issues on all models and makes of vehicles.

Lost Car Keys in Oadby?

Lost car keys make up the bulk of lock relates issues that we have to deal with. When you discover your car keys are lost, our auto locksmiths can be very instrumental in helping you access your car. We have the latest in key cutting equipment and programming tools to ensure that we can cut you a new key in the shortest time possible and have you back on the road. But for your safety, we realize that you need more than just a new key. This is why we use the latest in programming tools to program the new key to the car’s memory while at the same time removing the old key from the vehicle’s memory.

Locked Out Of Your Car in Oadby?

Before you consider smashing the window on your car, you might want to try a better alternative. Calling out Oadby auto locksmiths can save you the extra cost of repairing the damage to the window. That’s because, the locksmith will come to you with the best in lock picking technology that is only available to vehicle security specialists. This coupled with their high training, allows the locksmith to easily access the car without any damage.

Need Replacement Car Keys in Oadby?

Would you like an extra set of keys for emergency purposes? Or would you like to upgrade your current car keys to a more advanced remote key? Whatever you need out replacement keys Oadby specialists can help. We can easily create a duplicate copy of the car and even upgrade the key to a remove version in a very short time.

Broken Car Keys in the Oadby Area?

Did you somehow break your car keys? Or did the key snap off in the lock? Our auto locksmith can help by removing the broken key from the barrel. The auto locksmith will then use specialized tools and techniques to read the lock code and cut a new key using that code. If the broken key is a remote key, the auto locksmith can diagnose the problem and then either replace or repair the key on site.

A little bit about Oadby

The small town of Oadby is located about 3 miles south east of the Leicester City Center. The town is made up of just five wards and has a population of about 23,849 people. The earliest reference to the town can be found in the Doomsday Book, 1086 although the name was recorded as Oladebi. Over the centuries, the town’s name has undergone numerous changes to finally settle on Oadby. The town is home to 2 sets of houses that are of historical significance; the Framework Knitters Homes that date back to 1909 an the North Memorial Homes that were built in 1927.

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