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Lock changes and upgrades by our Leicester Locksmiths

Lock changes and upgrades by our Leicester Locksmiths

Before we get started you may be asking yourself “why would i need to have your Leicester locksmith upgrade my locks?” so lets give you the reasons as to why people should carefully consider either changing or upgrading their locks on their home or business property.

The main reason is an obvious one “security”, now all lock offer at least some level of security but you want the highest security that you can for your house or even your business to make sure you are as protected as you can be without going overboard. Well remember those shine new uPVC doors that you had installed a few years ago? It terns out they might not be as secure as the salesman may have had you believe. Thats all down to the cylinder ( euro cylinder) that is in the door. This is an image of a standard euro cylinder that you would typically find in a uPVC door.


These cylinders are so insecure that the BBC actually made a documentary about it that was featured on panorama about LOCK SNAPPING. This refers to a form of break in method used by burglars that is both fast and quiet and allows then access to your property in a matter of seconds!

Now that we have made you aware or the problem and just how serious it is we can now tell you that we have the answer! Inta-lock locksmiths in Leicester can supply and fit high security anti snap locks that cannot be beaten by this attack and will keep your home safe and you doors locked.

Here is an example of these locks that we can install in your door for the best protection for your uPVC door. You will see that the new high security anti snap locks have sacrificial snap points that will actually break away in the event of an attack keeping the rest of the lock secure. a Toughened steel bar also runs the length of the lock again making it near impossible to snap in half. These locks even come with a £1000 guarantee – If your House is broken into through the snapping method whilst this lock is installed the manufacturer will give you £1000.00


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