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Inta-lock auto locksmiths proudly offer land rover / range rover / Jaguar replacement car keys! 

Inta-lock auto locksmiths proudly offer land rover / range rover / Jaguar replacement car keys! 

We would like to share an update from our auto locksmith team, due to recent expansion of our auto locksmith services we can now offer both spare and lost key replacements to our customers  for the following vehicles



Range Rover Evoque     2011 – 2018

Range Rover Sport         2011 – 2018

Land Rover Discovery   2011 – 2018

Land Rover Freelander 2011 – 2018

Jaguar XJ                           2011 – 2018

This is great news for our customers as currently a new key from the dealer for either a lost key replacement or spare key replacement can be well over £1000.00! Also on top of this cost if you have lost all the keys you will have to have your vehicle recovered back to the dealers and left with them for up to a week whilst they order in parts and wait for space to become available in the workshop.

Inta-lock locksmiths can offer this service wherever you are and on the same day for a fraction of the price of what the main dealers charge. We also come out to wherever the car is located meaning that if you have lost all of your car keys then you will not have to have your car recovered to us to have the work carried out allowing you to make yet another saving.

If you would like more information or prices please give one of out expert auto locksmiths a call!





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  • Jason
    March 14, 2021, 9:14 am REPLY

    Well, a good news indeed.

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