How to make sure your windows are safe

How to make sure your windows are safe

With the weather being unseasonably warm across the country over the recent Easter period, many people will have been opening their windows to bring fresh air into the house. But care has to be taken as windows are one of the most vulnerable areas of a house in terms of security and opening them increases their vulnerability. So how do you ensure your windows are as secure as possible?

Window security is something that is easily neglected, which many burglars – opportunistic and planned – bank on. But a few simple measures can ensure that your windows are as safe as possible. Obviously, nothing is completely burglar-proof, but what is outlined below can help to deter many burglars.


While many modern uPVC windows come with key-operated locks as a minimum, other types, such as wooden casement and fanlight windows don’t always and, if not, it is strongly recommended to get one fitted. If you don’t, your insurance company might not pay out if there is a burglary and the thief gains entry through the window.

Meanwhile sash windows restrict the amount a window can be opened by a specified distance, making it difficult for anyone to get in.

Likewise, you can purchase window restrictors, which limit the amount a window can be opened but these are more of a safety device – often to stop small children falling out of windows – than a security device. But nonetheless they can stop people reaching in and snatching items, for example.

Whatever your window type, it always pays to get advice from professional locksmiths such as Inta-lock Locksmiths in Leicester before buying and installing a new lock.

Reinforced glass

If your primary worry is a would-be burglar breaking the glass in a window, then it is worth considering investing in reinforced glass.

In general, glass can be reinforced in two ways. You can apply security film to existing glass to strengthen it, or you can install glass that has been strengthened through thermal or chemical treatments. Both make it more difficult for a would-be intruder to break the glass in a window, although won’t necessarily stop the more determined burglars.

Security grilles

But if you are looking for more security for your windows, then you should consider investing in security grilles. These are metal grilles that can be installed internally or externally to windows and ensure that burglars cannot gain entry even if the glass is smashed.

There are various types of grilles that can be bought, depending on your needs. For instance, if vandalism is the primary worry, then external window mesh guards will be the most effective solution.  

But if you don’t want or need the grilles to be in place all the time – for instance if you are inside – then consider investing in internal retractable security grilles, which simply unlock and fold back to the sides.  

Bespoke grilles can be bought that can fit in with the look, style and colour of the property and avoid looking like they are obvious security features.

However, when you are looking to install security grilles, it is vital that you employ a qualified and reputable locksmith that has experience of fitting grilles. Without that, errors can be made that could be costly to rectify.

If you have worries about the security of your windows, then get advice. Locksmiths such as Inta-lock Locksmiths in Leicester will come out to you to provide a survey and provide advice about what – if any – measures are needed to make your windows more secure.