How to improve your front door security

How to improve your front door security

Having your home burgled is always a traumatic experience and, as well as the loss of property, it can have a long-lasting effect on you and your family – even if the locks have been changed afterwards, people can still feel unsafe and anxious.The front door is one of the main access points for any burglar, so it is important to make it as secure as possible – here are some tips for how to upgrade your front door’s security.Please note that no door is completely burglar proof, but these measures will put off or at least hinder potential burglars from getting into your house.

Upgrade your locks

It’s the most obvious tip, but it is nevertheless something that can be overlooked. Make sure the lock isn’t old or rusty, and if it needs to be upgraded its best to get a professional locksmith – such as from Inta-lock Locksmiths in Leicester – to ensure it is installed correctly.There are a wide variety of locks available on the market, but whichever you choose, you should ensure it has a ‘British Standard’ mark on it, which means it has been produced to certain standards and that they are insurance compliant – if you have the wrong locks, your insurer may not pay out if you make a claim.

Strengthen the door

Locks can provide security, but its academic if the door and doorframe isn’t strong and a would-be burglar could kick it in. If you want to make your door more secure, then it is worth considering installing a metal strike plate. Strike plates are available from all good DIY retailers and are attached with extra-long screws drilled into the studs on all sides of the doorway. Again, if you aren’t confident installing it, you can ask Inta-lock Locksmiths in Leicester to do it.Meanwhile, door frames can be securely bolted to the walls around it and hinges can be replaced with more heavy-duty ones. 

Install a deadbolt

Another way of ensuring a wooden door can withstand being kicked or otherwise forced by a burglar is by installing a deadbolt. These should be at least an inch (2.5 centimetres) long and provide extra stability.

Windless doors

Doors with windows are popular because they let more light in, but they do pose a security risk as they can be smashed and the door unlocked from the inside. If you don’t want to get rid of the windows, you can increase their security by reinforcing them or add things like decorative metal bars.

Door chains and letterbox guards

Door chains are a relatively inexpensive way to increase front door security. These devices ensure that a door can only be opened a small amount until the chain it detached. Its useful in the daytime to add security if you don’t always want to have the door locked – it will stop many opportunistic burglars who sneak in and steal things like car keys before heading out again in a matter of seconds.Letterbox guards meanwhile can stop things like ‘fishing’ where a burglar will insert a long wire through the letterbox to hook keys and such like that may be positioned near the door.

Security lights and cameras

Installing security lights, which switch on when movement is detected near the front door can also provide a deterrent to burglars. They are also useful when you’re coming home on dark winter nights and looking for your keys. Similarly, security cameras pointing at the front door – whether real or fake – will make many would-be burglars think twice about trying to break in.

As mentioned, no door is 100% burglar-proof, but taking these precautions will help to keep your home safe. Inta-lock Locksmiths can also advice on general home security – call us on … for more information.