What to do if your car door gets stuck in the lock position

What to do if your car door gets stuck in the lock position

There are a variety of reasons why people call auto locksmiths out to deal with an issue on their car. While many call outs involve lost keys, or keys locked inside the car, another common reason to contact an auto locksmith is when a car door gets stuck in the lock position.

This can be an immensely frustrating situation for a car owner. If the car door is stuck in the lock position, it means either it is closed and you can’t get into it, or it is open, in which case you can’t lock it. Either way, it is a problem that needs to be sorted out – and quickly.

You might be able to still get into the car if it is locked shut only on the driver’s side by climbing in through the passenger side or one of the rear seats (if the car has more than three doors). If you’re in a hurry, it is a temporary solution and means you can get back home, or at least to somewhere where you can get the problem fixed properly. However, please note that driving with a door stuck in the lock position is a hazard – think what it could mean in an accident – so you will still need to get it fixed asap.

There are several reasons why a car door can get stuck in the lock position. For example, rust or dirt can have built up in the lock and caused the internal workings to jam, parts of the door have broken and jammed the interior assembly, or perhaps another foreign object has been placed in the keyway. Sometimes, the car door can get stuck in the lock position after an accident where there has been an impact on the door and the latch has disconnected from the remainder of the door lock assembly.

But whatever the reason, it is most likely that you will need an auto locksmith, such as Inta-lock Locksmiths, to get it fixed. Fixing a car door stuck in the lock position is not generally something that can be done yourself without risking causing more damage – and, of course, incurring more costs as a result.

Your local emergency auto locksmith, such as Inta-Lock Locksmiths if you live in the Leicestershire area, is a good first port of call to resolve this. The trained and experienced professionals at Inta-lock Locksmiths can diagnose what is causing the problem. Following this, they can fix the problem quickly and efficiently and get you back into your car and on your way safely without damaging any more components. 

Inta-lock Locksmiths in Leicestershire provide a professional and friendly service from trained staff who are experts in all sorts of locks for all makes and models of cars and of any age. You don’t need to worry that the auto locksmith won’t be able to solve the problem of the stuck car door – Inta-lock Locksmiths have never been beaten yet.