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Leicester uPVC door repair services

Leicester uPVC door repair services At Inta-lock locksmiths our Leicester Locksmiths are trained specialists in uPVC window and door repairs and have the tools and knowledge to carry out the repairs to your uPVC windows or doors on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are having problems with your uPVC window or doors Then our Locksmiths in Leicester can help. Our vans our fully stocked with all the different Brands and different parts required to carry out the job from hinges for uPVC doors to the locking mechanisms inside them.

uPVC Broken door locks

There are many different brands and sizes with different operations for these types of locks but we can identify any problems that can happen and repair or replace these locks as required.

Broken uPVC door handles

A common problem that we often come across is broken door handle usually from a badly fitted lock causing to much pressure on the handles and causing them to break. Our Leicester locksmiths carry a range of different handles and configurations to suite all doors.

uPVC door adjustments

sometimes if your door is not locking proper it can be a case that the door and hinges need adjusting, commonly known as heel and towing a door. in this case no parts are needed and can often be done quickly and at low cost by our Leicester locksmiths.

uPVC Gearboxes

Whenever you have a problem with the locking mechanism on a uPVC door the culprit is more than often the gearbox or centre case this houses the main mechanism for the entire lock system and can sometimes break do to being used to harshly when lifting the handles on your door Leicester locksmiths carry a vast range of uPVC door gearboxes for most makes and styles of uPVC locks.

Additional security

Although the security of modern uPVC door is very good we can improve this security with some simple additions such as extra internal locks, door chains and spy holes for when you would rather know who you are opening the door to before you actually do. Many of out Leicester locksmith customers have additional security fired by us after having new doors fitted so as they feel more secure knowing that there is a second line of defence if its needed.

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